Mallory's Bench Project


Today's teenagers get a lot of bad press. Here at Calvin Crest, we enjoy the unique privilege of meeting some outstanding young people who love God and others and want to bring hope and light into the world. Mallory Engel is one of those young people. When she approached us about partnering with Calvin Crest to do her Stars and Stripes Project, we were humbled and honored. Mallory is a force to be reckoned with and she has created an amazing plan, described in her letter below, that will serve Calvin Crest for generations to come. We are thankful for Mallory, and others like her, who are willing to give so much to help Calvin Crest thrive today and into the future. I hope you will partner with her!
-Tiffany Staman


My name is Mallory Engel and I am an American Heritage Girl. I am working toward earning the Stars and Stripes Award which is the highest award in American Heritage Girls (AHG). AHG’s mission statement is “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country.” I have been attending Calvin Crest camp with American Heritage Girls for seven years now. The first year I experienced Calvin Crest was in 2013. I drove down from Sacramento with five other girls for a week at Outpost. We were eight and nine years old at the time. It was an incredible experience! On our last day we hiked up Fresno Dome and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. We sat on the dome together experiencing God’s beautiful creation all around us. That week was the start of an annual week of AHG Central California Summer Camp at Calvin Crest. We now have about 90 girls that attend annually. We started with only six girls. Just like myself, hundreds of girls have been influenced by Calvin Crest and will continue to be. After just a few years of attending camp, I knew I wanted to do my Stars and Stripes Project there. Now I actually am!

The project that I’m working on is to build twenty-five benches throughout the property of Calvin Crest. The camp desperately need places for people to sit around the camp to enjoy God’s marvelous creation, spend time with Him, and have fellowship with others. Spending quiet time at Calvin Crest is one of my favorite things to do. Also, I really enjoy spending time outdoors where I can enjoy God’s beautiful creation and sense His presence. I would love for others to experience the same things. Building benches around Calvin Crest will provide a place for campers to do this all year long. However, I need your help to do this. Each bench will cost $250. I would love your financial support with this project. If you donate $250 or more, you will have the option of having a plaque placed on a bench with your name on it. You can even choose to donate in honor of someone or in memory of someone. I look forward to the final results of this project! Thank you for your support.

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