Outdoor School

Not all classrooms have four walls.

Outdoor School Overview

Fall: September through December

Spring: January through May

Our Mission

Calvin Crest Outdoor School partners with public, private, charter, and home schools to bring students into contact with science, history, and the wonder of the great outdoors. Through immersion in nature and hands-on learning, students have the opportunity to learn about subjects such as ecology, survival, and geology, all while developing important teamwork and life skills. This powerful partnership creates a legacy of empowered, resilient, and curious learners who will carry their passion for the outdoors and science with them throughout their lives.



What To Expect

Utilizing the forest, streams, night skies, and fresh air, our curriculum presents natural science, environmental education, wilderness skills, and historical topics. Courses and activities include subjects in the disciplines of ecology, geology, history, conservation, survival, and nature study. Curriculum units and all necessary equipment and materials are provided by the Outdoor School for classroom teachers, who will be the instructors for each course. Calvin Crest staff persons also serve as instructors, which helps reduce class sizes on the trails. Students participate in hands-on learning and outdoor recreation while developing important teamwork and life skills in a fun and exciting environment.

What To Pack

The weather at Calvin Crest is often unpredictable, and nights and mornings are always chilly. There is also occasional rain and/or snow. Therefore, if possible, it is important that your student have sufficient warm clothing and good shoes. Please follow the guidelines on the enclosed equipment/clothing list. We do have an adequate supply of rubber boots and ponchos available for student use at no cost. Please check weather forecasts before arriving.

Director Of Outdoor School

Questions about Outdoor School? Contact Christina:
christina@calvincrest.com | 559.772.4040 ex. 105.

Christina Melahn

Christina has served at Calvin Crest for ten years in various capacities. In her time at camp, her faith has grown through interactions with guests and experiencing God's providence through times of adversity. She felt called to camp ministry when she was in high school and is grateful for the opportunity to live out that calling through Outdoor School and summer programs.

She is a Wilderness First Responder and loves introducing students and campers to the great outdoors! She spends her free time hiking, traveling, and playing board games with friends.

Food & Menu

The menu below includes options and will be mixed and matched depending on the week. For students with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions, please fill out a Dietary Needs Request Form and return it to Calvin Crest no later than two weeks before arriving at Calvin Crest. A student with dietary restrictions may bring some of their own food to be stored in the kitchen if it has been worked out in advance with the Director of Food Services. We will do our best to accommodate for allergies or dietary restrictions while still providing food at a reasonable cost. For those with severe peanut allergies, we will remove all peanut products from our dining hall and general store.

Young archer in red shirt drawing a bow, aiming at a target in a forest clearing with autumn leaves and a rustic cabin in the background.

Sending Mail to Your Camper:

All mail to students should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
School Name (i.e. Abby Smith, Oak Creek)
c/o Calvin Crest Conferences
45800 CalvinCrest Road
Oakhurst, CA. 93644

2023-24 Outdoor School Rates

We provide an outstanding learning experience at an affordable rate. These fees cover meals, lodging, program, supplies and equipment.

Day Use

Three Day (A)

Three Day (B)

Four Day

Five Day


Per Student

Or $70 (No Lunch)


Per Student


Per Student


Per Student


Per Student



Please Contact

For More Information



2 Classes

3 Classes


4 Classes

6 Classes

1 Meal

6 Meals


9 Meals

12 Meals

& 1 Free Time

2 Free Time


2 free times, Loggers' Jamboree

3 free times, Loggers' Jamboree


& 2 Evening Programs


& 3 evening programs

& 4 evening programs

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