Different and the Same

“Every summer is different and every summer is the same.” I’ve said it and heard it said in all of my previous summers here at Calvin Crest.   Every summer is different – there have been changes to the menu, the grounds, and the program. Each week there is a new combination of staff, campers, and program that create a …

A Place to Sit and Reflect

As I am writing this, I am watching out my window as American Heritage Girls and their families install benches all around Calvin Crest. Mallory, their fearless seventeen-year-old leader, has planned this project from its inception and is now seeing it come to fruition.   It all began as an idea that led to Mallory writing a detailed proposal for …

May 2020 Update

We regret the hardships this time has brought, and at the same time, we realize the mixed bag of blessings it brings as it teaches us to rely on God.

Summer 2020 Announcement

It saddens us to share with you that in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend summer camp programs in 2020.

A Message From Tiffany

We trust God did not bring us through years of challenging trials and devastating forest firesjust to have us close our gates due to the coronavirus.

Calvin Crest and Coronavirus

Many of you have been asking how the camp is doing amidst the craziness known as the coronavirus. We are leaning into God and one another in this time.

Response to the Coronavirus

The health and safety of our guests continues to be our first priority in the wake of the evolving situation around the coronavirus.

Mallory’s Bench Project

My name is Mallory Engel and I am an American Heritage Girl. I am working toward earning the Stars and Stripes Award.

The Power of Camp

Yes, times have changed, but attending camp is still instrumental in the spiritual formation of children.