It is hard to believe that we are already into our second week of summer! O Week was rich and full of training and worship and laughter. We probably say this every year, but our staff this summer is stellar. I am often overcome by their servant hearts and amazing attitudes.

Last Wednesday night, with a camp full of American Heritage Girls, our staff gathered for worship at 9:30 pm. Some had been working since 6 am. We received a call on the radio that the septic had backed up outside one of the cabins and our assistance was needed. The problem appeared significant, and it became apparent that we may need to move several cabins of girls to different cabins that were not yet clean.

We explained the situation to the staff who had gathered to worship, and with smiles and energy, they sprung into action. The maintenance team went to work trying to isolate the problem and determine the best solution. Everyone else grabbed cleaning crates and organized teams to clean four cabins so they would be ready should the girls need them. By 10:45 pm, the cabins were clean and the septic issue had been diagnosed. And the staffers were still full of joy and energy despite their exhaustion.

As I climbed into bed that night, I had tears in my eyes. These are the moments I will always remember. Staff coming together in a crisis, working to solve a problem, and experiencing joy and connection while doing it. They recognized that we still gathered and worshipped; we just worshipped through serving rather than with music. God was just as honored by the music of our hands as He is by our voices. This is what it looks like to thrive.

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