Summer Staff 2019

Spend a summer gaining skills and wisdom that will last a lifetime! Staff will have the opportunity to work in ministry situations with children, middle schoolers, high schoolers, adults affected by disabilities and more. Some staff will also serve in our kitchen facilities, accommodations crews, outdoor events elements and maintenance teams. The last date to turn in an application will be on Sunday, March 29, 2019.

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Job Descriptions
Dates Camps in Crestview Camps in Sherwood Forest
“O-Week” June 21 – June 29 N/A N/A
Week 1 June 30 – July 6 Family Camp
Week 2 July 7 – July 13 AIM (Week 1) Sherwood Forest
Week 3 July 14 – July 20 Middle School, AIM (Week 2) Sherwood Forest
Week 4 July 21 – July 27 High School Outdoor Adventure Middle School
Week 5 July 28 – August 3 Week in the Forest (Mon – Sat), Outdoor Adventure High School

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Work With The Outdoor School

Our Outdoor School team works with students from around the Central Valley and local mountain area, teaching them about the great outdoors. We have an opening for a Program Specialist, starting in January! This person would teach classes and help lead our free time and evening activities. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, apply below:

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The Future Looks Bright

Be Involved With Our Future

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and giving toward our bright future!
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After coming through some challenging episodes in the last few years, the future looks bright here at Calvin Crest. We invite you to join us in all the great things God is doing here as we move ahead!

The ministry of our Outdoor school continues to grow, and we are currently hosting 36 weeks of program during the school year. Most of our students are coming to the mountains for the first time, and we love the opportunity to expose them to God’s creation and the love of Christ through their experience and time with our staff.

We have seen brand new churches and other groups book with us this year for weekend retreats. We are committed to reach new groups with the love of Jesus, as well as serve our ongoing groups as well, and we continue to strengthen our relationships with them.

Our program camps continue to minister to churches from all over the central valley: our historic PCUSA family, ECO and EPC churches, and the broader evangelical body of believers. We are always looking to enlarge our tribe and live out the kingdom of God with like-minded believers! We are excited for the future of our Men’s Camp, Women’s Retreat, Middle School and High School Winter Camps, Family Camp, Sherwood Forest, Youth Camps, and Week in the Forest.

The staff at Calvin Crest consists of approximately 28 year-round employees and an additional approximately 45 Summer Staff workers. This year we have had a large number of our staff join us for the first time, and we are excited to see them grow in their service and discipleship of the Lord. And we have a new Executive Director, Tiffany Staman, to lead Calvin Crest into a bright new future.

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Giving Tuesday 2018

Giving Tuesday 2018

In 2018, Calvin Crest awarded over $15,000 in camp scholarships. These scholarships, which we call camperships, provide campers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to come to camp, a chance to experience the love and grace of Jesus at Calvin Crest. Thanks to those funds, almost 22% of our youth campers during Summer 2018 were campership recipients.

We raised $4,520 this Giving Tuesday! Thank you for your support of this ministry!

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The Executive Director Is…

Through a ten-month process of discernment, the Executive Director Search Task Force came to the conclusion that we had been led by God to nominate Tiffany Staman to be the next Executive Director of Calvin Crest Conferences. She was elected by the board and confirmed by the Presbytery of San Joaquin and we are now excited to announce that she will begin her new position in January of 2019.

This was a decision we came to with a deep awareness of its momentousness for the future of Calvin Crest, a ministry we deeply love. Our board recognizes and believes that Calvin Crest is poised for a new chapter of growth and development in ministry as we broaden our tribe of constituents. Leading this new chapter will be the calling for the next Executive Director. We felt the weight of the consequences for the staff and the many stakeholders who make up our community and are served by this ministry. Humbled by this mantle, we came regularly before God, submitting our thoughts, discussion and discernment in prayer.

Before we describe why we found Tiffany to be so well suited to this calling, we would like to say a few words about the pool of candidates considered. We were blessed with multiple candidates that we believed could successfully lead Calvin Crest. We developed our position description by surveying the staff, church leaders, volunteers and donors about what they believed Calvin Crest most needed in an Executive Director. From this feedback we drafted a job description. We sent it to nominators asking for referrals and posted it in ministry and camping sites. We reviewed 34 applicants, interviewed six and chose our best two candidates as finalists. We had outside consultants evaluate them with executive leadership inventories and skilled reference background phone calls. We brought them for live interviews with the staff, our board and stakeholder groups. This gathered feedback confirmed for us that both were capable of leading us into the future.

Sunday night after the interview weekend we spent six hours in discussion and discernment. We came to the prayerful conclusion that Tiffany was the right leader for Calvin Crest in this next season. Tiffany is a gifted strategic leader with demonstrated success in helping an organization develop and execute vision. She is an experienced and insightful manager with a heart for developing healthy teams. She is a non-denominational pastor and gifted speaker with a remarkable pastoral presence in person and in the pulpit. She has experience in nonprofit leadership and is a capable financial manager. Finally, she is a highly experienced fundraiser with the highest level of certification. Tiffany comes recommended by passionate endorsing references including her cousin John and Nancy Ortberg, pastors at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

Tiffany and her husband Cam have had a desire to work in camping ministry throughout their married life. However, Tiffany’s career led her into youth ministry and church planting, then nonprofit fundraising and executive leadership. Their dream of entering camping ministry is only now coming to fruition. Tiffany has demonstrated her ability to enter new ministry contexts effectively. In her last position as the Executive Director of a pregnancy care center she described interviewing founders and reading 35 years of newsletters to learn the ministry’s culture and values. She has warmly embraced everything she has learned of Calvin Crest’s history, ministry philosophy, culture and ethos. She is a collaborative, visionary leader who has expressed the same desire to learn from the staff, stakeholders and founders of Calvin Crest as she engages with the board to discern and lead in new directions. Tiffany is not a leader who would seek to supplant the culture, ministry philosophy and ethos of Calvin Crest. Rather she has described herself as one who would come into our culture and lead us into our next chapter from within it.

Tiffany was our very first applicant for this position. She was referred by a friend who read our description and sent it to her saying, “Tiffany this position sounds exactly like you.” Tiffany demonstrated passion and earnestness for this call at every stage of our process. She patiently communicated that she wanted God’s will for Calvin Crest whomever that candidate might be.

We thank you all for your prayer and support through this process of discernment and invite your prayer for Tiffany and Calvin Crest as we enter this new season of leadership and ministry.

In Christ’s love,

Abby Arii, Rev. Adam Knudson, Rev. Dr. Bill Ekhardt, Christina Melahn and Sarah Friesen
The Calvin Crest Executive Director Search Task Force

Tiffany Staman Bio (PDF)
Task Force Description (PDF)
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2019 Summer Schedule

Dates Camps in Crestview Camps in Sherwood Forest
Week 1 June 30 – July 6 Family Camp
Week 2 July 7 – July 13 AIM (Week 1) Sherwood Forest
Week 3 July 14 – July 20 Middle School, AIM (Week 2) Sherwood Forest
Week 4 July 21 – July 27 High School Outdoor Adventure Middle School
Week 5 July 28 – August 3 Week in the Forest (Mon – Sat), Outdoor Adventure High School
Registration opens January 7, 2019!
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August 2018 Update from the Executive Director Search Task Force

We as the executive director search task force have been at work throughout the summer. We have continued to meet and pray weekly for our candidates. We had the joy of all being physically present together at family camp! We have now reviewed 26 applicants. We have interviewed 6 candidates and are continuing in conversation with four. We have recently drafted a document called the marks of Calvin Crest’s ministry and tribe to communicate to our external candidates who we are and what you all in our community are like. We will be meeting again with our shortlist candidates to answer more questions about who Calvin Crest is and inquire of them about our culture fit. With those who continue through this process, we will have a consultant evaluating their executive functioning profile and make reference calls. We look forward to having candidates ready to meet in person with our team, key staff and a few stakeholders.

As we have shared, our intent is to present one candidate to the board for approval. In accordance with our bylaws, we will also have our final candidate meet with the Presbytery of San Joaquin for approval. We still aren’t able to describe a definitive timeline but we are hopeful that God will bring this process to a close and call our next executive director well before the end of 2018.

We covet your prayer and thank you for your encouragement. It has been more than evident that Calvin Crest and its future are in God’s hands. We seek to faithfully fulfill our part. God brings the results. We plant and water the seed. It is God who brings the harvest.

In Christ’s love,

The Executive Director Search Task Force

Abby Arii (Chair), Rev. Dr. Bill Ekhardt, Sarah Friesen, Rev. Adam Knudson and Christina Melahn

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Give For Joy

We Exceeded Our Goal!

Before our summer season started, we made the goal to raise $10,000 for camp activities, and thanks to our community of donors, we exceeded our goal! Thank you to all who gave to this cause, to all who prayed for the cause, and to all who partnered with us this summer in ways that didn’t involve a financial contribution. You are responsible for the continuation of this ministry and we are sincerely grateful for the ways you choose to be a blessing.


Previous Updates

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Update on the Ferguson Fire

Friday July 27, 2018 – 1:29 PM

Due to the continued smoke activity from the Ferguson Fire, Calvin Crest is announcing the cancellation of the remaining Middle School Camp and the Summer Celebration service that was due to occur July 29 – August 4. The air quality at camp continues to be in the unhealthy range, and we are not able to ensure the well-being of our campers and guests during these programs. We are sorry for the disappointment and disruption this causes our campers, and ask that you pray for grace regarding the schedule adjustments they must now make.

We are grateful that Calvin Crest is not in any physical danger from the fire. Please join us in praying for the safety of the fire personnel fighting this blaze, and pray for the smoke to dissipate quickly.

Thursday July 26, 2018 – 2:03 PM

Calvin Crest is sad to announce that our Week in the Forest camp of July 30 – Aug 4 has been cancelled. The Ferguson Fire active near Yosemite is producing copious amounts of smoke which impacts our air quality at Calvin Crest. As we cannot predict the air quality from day to day, the decision was reached to cancel Week in the Forest since we are not able to ensure their health and safety. We are sorry to disappoint our campers and for the disruption this causes for families and care providers. We love our Week in the Forest campers!

A decision has not been reached regarding next week’s Middle School camp. We will continue to monitor the air quality and make a decision by Saturday morning about whether or not Middle School camp can proceed.

Wednesday July 25, 2018 – 9:23 AM

The smoke conditions have worsened throughout the course of the week, and we have notified all parents and guardians of campers to come pick up those who were attending the High School and Outdoor Adventure camps.

At this point in time, Middle School Camp, which begins on July 29, and Week in the Forest, which begins on July 30, have not been canceled. We are still monitoring the situation to determine what the best possible decision for our guests will be.

Non-essential staff will be released to stay in places with clearer air for the the remainder of this week.

The Ferguson Fire is still not a threat to Calvin Crest. Please continue to pray for those fighting the fire, and those affected by it.

We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

If you have specific questions please direct them to David Chumley or Joel Gist.

Monday July 23, 2018 – 8:51 AM

For the safety and well-being of our campers and staff, we will be closely monitoring the air quality this week due to the smoke from the Ferguson Fire. Please be aware that the fire itself is not a threat to our grounds.

In the unfortunate event the smoke from the fire creates air quality determined unhealthy for activity and this status lasts a significant length of time, Director of Ministries, David Chumley, may elect to cancel camp. At that time you will be notified by phone and email and will be asked to pick up your camper at your earliest convenience. Please ask us how we might be able to provide lodging options for you if you will be traveling a lengthy distance.

Thank you for understanding as we navigate this situation. We would ask that you would join us in prayer for all those impacted by the fire. We are grateful and honored to be part of the work God will be doing in the lives of our campers this week and pray that this week at Calvin Crest would be a significant part of their faith journey.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office at 559-683-4450 Monday-Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM.

Monday July 16, 2018 – 4:27 PM

For those who have heard about the Ferguson Fire, we want you to know that there is no imminent threat to Calvin Crest. The fire is approximately 17 miles from our location as the crow flies. If you are travelling to camp, Highway 140 to 49 is currently an available route to reach us through Mariposa. However, using Highway 41 may be advisable given the dynamic conditions. The air quality at camp has been affected by smoke from the Ferguson Fire, and we are adjusting our programs as needed and advising guests to be cautious while engaging in physical activity. Please pray for safety and wisdom for those who are fighting the fire, and for comfort for all who are affected by these events.

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Seeking God’s Call for our Next Executive Director

Calvin Crest is seeking God’s call for our next executive director.  Our Executive Director Search Task Force is seeking applicants.  If you would like to apply and enter this discernment process with us we ask that you please submit a resume and cover letter to Below we have provided a job description and a narrative of our camp and the position.  If you have further questions about us or this position please feel free to get in touch with us.

We are a summer camp, conference center and outdoor school that has been partnering with churches to make life-long disciples of Jesus Christ for more than 60 years. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, practice biblical hospitality, invite people to experience and know God’s creation and partner with peacemakers to bring health and wholeness. Our board has adopted the statement of faith of Fuller Theological Seminary. In the last three years God has twice spared us from forest fires. The last fire burned the upper, non-program half of our 340-acre grounds, and yet spared our program area as a beautiful oasis of giant sequoia, cedar, fir, and pine forest. God has clearly chosen for this ministry to continue and we are seeking an Executive Director who can lead us into the next chapter in our ministry as we continue to learn how to grow from a camp built by and for its PC(USA) churches to a camp that also serves a broader Christian tribe. We invite your prayer, and your application if you would like to enter this discernment process with us.


Job Description (PDF)
Narrative Description (PDF)
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