• Jeremy Vaccaro

Men’s Retreat October 24-26

Jeremy grew up in a small farming community of Woodlake. He earned a Master of Divinity from Fuller and is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in Organizational Leadership. Jeremy loves music, fly fishing and camping at Calvin Crest where he first gave his life to Jesus, and met his wife Diane Pehl. Together they have three children; Kate, Andrew and Rebekah Joy. Jeremy currently serves as the senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Fresno. […]

  • Jonelle Kazarian

Women’s Retreat (April 17 – 19)

Our Speaker Jonelle Kazarian lives in Fresno on a third of an acre with her husband Kalem and three children, where they raise fruit, vegetables, chickens, rabbits, and bees. She has both a Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. In addition to being a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher, Jonelle tutors a group of junior highers, teaches Sunday school, preaches on occasion, speaks to women’s groups and youth retreats, runs a nutrition business, and has an avid love of crafting. […]


“Even after many years the relationships I developed with friends, mentors, and above all with Jesus Christ remain a continual, joyful part of the fabric of my faith and life.”
Rev. Dr. Erik Wiebe
“I love Calvin Crest because it’s where I met God, and life has never been the same!”
Kristin Vandersluis
“I love Calvin Crest because it’s fun!”
Olivia, age 9
“I love Calvin Crest because it’s Peaceful. A time to reflect and enjoy God’s love for us. Oh, how I miss it.”
Judy Eads
“When 9/11 happened I was at camp there with my 6th grade students. .. I felt so safe being there. The staff was always the best!”
Jennifer Miller-Mccolm
“I was saved there in 1971, it is very dear to my heart!”
Candi MacAlpine