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Summer Staff

Summer 2023 Staff will have the opportunity to serve guests of various ages and abilities including children, families, and older adults. You can apply for positions that are behind the scenes, like making sure delicious meals are prepared and providing clean and functional facilities, or program positions that serve guests or lead them to push their own limits on our various recreational events. Each position and person is a valuable part of the team that makes the ministry we do possible. 

The application process will begin Friday, November 25, 2022. Positions may be filled on a rolling basis, and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Click the button below to fill out the summer staff application. Questions? EMAIL CHRISTINA.

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Allen Yee

The 2019 Summer has been an amazing time of growth personally. I was able to build real, lasting relationships with campers and staff. Even when I take a role of teaching campers about Jesus I find that they teach me as much as I'm teaching them. One thing I really appreciated about my summer was being able to speak about two things that are vitally important personally. Having the flexibility to speak about both Jesus and protecting the forest was a unique experience I will always cherish, and the passion that I brought to those topics was really experienced by campers. Overall, this has been a great summer and I'm so appreciative that God has given me the opportunity!

Madilyn Sloas

Working at Calvin Crest is the most fulfilling way I could imagine spending my summers. When I’m at Calvin Crest, I find myself constantly surrounded by supportive staffers, eager campers who are ready to learn and have fun, and God’s beautiful creation. Summers at camp are packed with fun from participating in the magic of Sherwood, bonding with friends, and creating relationships with campers. When I found myself stretched, I realized I was growing spiritually, as a team player, and as a leader. Calvin Crest is unique in its beautiful ministry and programs. I’ll never forget the loudness of Sherwood or joyful laughter from Week in the Forest. I walk away from summers feeling full of life and love. God’s Kingdom truly does shine here.

Jireh Ornelas Tavera

Summer camp at Calvin Crest was an incredible experience. I found a community that I could contribute to, and in return they supported me. The blessings and friendships I gained from this summer are continually blessing me to this day.

Grace Rubado

Serving on summer staff over the past few is always the highlight of my year. It is a chance to reset and refocus your life on serving the Lord. It is a chance to experience healing and growth and it is a chance to connect with a community of believers all focused on the same goal of serving those who come to visit Calvin Crest.

Nat Lloyd

Working at Calvin Crest this summer was an experience that went far beyond what would be expected of a regular summer job. This was a job that was both rewarding and fulfilling in an abundance of ways. Being a part of the Calvin Crest staff meant being part of a community and family, one that not only helped improve each other’s skills and work, but also kept each of us focused and driven in our actions. This was a community that encouraged a God-centered outlook and motivation, equipping us to serve our guests with love, respect, and full effort. Through the community focus and an atmosphere full of encouragement, many members of the staff, myself included, felt a rise in motivation, and a refreshed, rejuvenated mindset to serve God in all of our work. Describing the rewards of our work goes far beyond our job bringing satisfaction. This was a job that brought fulfillment, motivation, and gratefulness for an incredible opportunity.