Photo by Keegan Biedermann

Challenge and Triumph

Someone once said that crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Last week, our team at Calvin Crest had the opportunity to make the most of some challenging circumstances, and nothing was wasted. Mother Nature gave more than 100 students from John Adams in Madera the chance to experience snow - many for the first time! More than four feet of snow piled up at Calvin Crest, giving them a chance to jump and play and sled like never before.

The challenge came when we experienced a power outage, but our team rose to the challenge! They worked around the clock to clear roads, help students, and communicate with wondering parents. Singing, laughter, and hot chocolate flowed from the dining hall. Most importantly, the students were kept safe, warm, well-fed, and cared for by our staff. While the power outage cut their time short at Outdoor School, John Adams is already working on rescheduling when they can come back. One parent said, “While the unknown is an issue when it comes to our kids, I had confidence they were in good hands. The staff was outstanding!”

We are grateful for God’s goodness shown through staff that went above and beyond, equipment that worked when needed, and grace and patience for all. Rest assured that this opportunity was not wasted!

Tiffany Staman

Executive Director

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