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We are living in unprecedented times. As the concern grew surrounding the coronavirus, schools, and guest groups began cancelling, and we made immediate difficult decisions. The staff was furloughed, all non-
essential expenses were reduced, and our board and leadership began praying and strategizing our contingency plans. Currently, Calvin Crest is closed for the foreseeable future. Because our mission is intricately tied to people gathering together and our primary revenue comes from campers and guests, this leaves us in a dire financial situation.

After 65 years of ministry impacting thousands of lives, we still believe the best is yet to come. We know that your lives, or those of your parents, children, or grandchildren, have been deeply impacted by God at Calvin Crest. We trust God did not bring us through years of challenging trials and devastating forest fires just to have us close our gates due to the coronavirus. We have confidence He still wants to use this sacred space to draw future generations to Himself and to serve His Kingdom in new and creative ways.

We were hoping to share some exciting new projects and invite you to partner through our Spring
Campaign. Instead, we are asking if you will prayerfully make an immediate, significant, and generous donation to help Calvin Crest weather this crisis? Without a generous outpouring from those who love and believe in Calvin Crest, our limited reserves will force us to shut our doors. We are so thankful we serve a God who is our refuge and fortress in whom we trust. Thank you in advance for your critical support!

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window.funraise.push(‘create’, {form: 7705});

Donate today![/cs_content_seo]

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