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High School Camp is for students who know deep inside that there is more to this life than noise and stress of the day to day, who desire instead to push themselves beyond growing accustomed to the mundane routine of it all. Situated in a forest at 5,000 feet, Calvin Crest is a place where high school students can engage Jesus Christ and the redemptive narrative of his Gospel. Whether you are sitting in a sun drenched meadow or within the cool shade of a Giant Sequoia, when you come to High School Camp at Calvin Crest you can develop eyes that can see and ears that can hear to reconnect with both who God created you to be and the purposes He has for your life.

Theme Nights
Crestview Speakers

High School Week 5

July 23 – 29

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Church Discount


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Calvin Crest

  • Counselors $99

Sugar Pine

  • Adj. from 5 to 6 nights

Forest Home

  • Counselors $235


  • Adj. from 5 to 6 nights

Hume Lake

  • Counselors $235

(Church discount rates if published. Rate information gathered from published sources November, 2015. May reflect prior year pricing. Rates for 5 night programs prorated to 6 nights for apples to apples comparison.)

As of Monday July 17, 2017, enrollment for High School Camp is closed. Please call (559) 683-4450 if you have any questions.