Mark your calendars for our second Annual Advent Retreat of Silence,
December 3 - 5, 2021. Online registration opens on September 6, 2021.
“You really can’t put a price tag on this experience. I was truly blessed this weekend, and it exceeded my expectations!”
“Not having a required schedule helped me relax and settle into the retreat. Thank you so much for this amazing event!
I will look forward to this again and again!”
“All of the stations were so thoughtful and great. I loved the variety and all the thought that went into everything.
The freedom to do as we wanted with no pressure was so meaningful. I felt a sense of peace and rest
that I haven’t felt in a long time. I will come again and again.”
“As an introvert, having permission to not talk to people and to be alone is such a gift.
Calvin Crest is a beautiful place to heal, to see God’s beauty in abundance, and fell His love and peace.”
“I know and believe that God is always present, but this weekend I saw and heard Him in nature
like I never had before, and I listened! I actually invited two friends, but they were unable to come.
Now I can tell them firsthand what an amazing time I had with God.”