Child Care Assistants

CCAs are babysitters assigned to specific families for a week. They provide care each morning during the children’s program while the adults are at morning worship and again in the evenings after family campfire. During the optional night activity for the adults, the CCAs will take your children, supervise them as they go to bed, and will allow you and your family to recoup for another big day of fun. CCAs will stay together in cabins with supervisory Calvin Crest staff. They will be guided in providing overall support to our family camp program such as preparing tables before meals, helping run afternoon free time activities, and offering assistance to families when needed.


  • A desire to serve.
  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A willingness to put your campers’ needs above your own.
  • A commitment to the ministry of a local church.

Minimum age requirements for CCAs: 14 years of age or older or has completed grade 8.