Know Joy this Summer

Spend your summer at Calvin Crest! We are located an hour from the south gate of Yosemite, and the nearest city we're located by is Oakhurst. Some of our activities include the aerial adventure course, the zipline, paddleboats on our lake, and mountain biking. Stay tuned for the release of our 2020 Summer Schedule!

What To Expect

Calvin Crest is located approximately one hour north of Fresno and Madera (20 minutes north of Oakhurst), east of Highway 41 at an elevation of 5,000 feet. There are housing, dining and recreational facilities on site. Each cabin is equipped with bunk beds and mattresses. Bathrooms have private restroom and shower stalls and multiple sinks.

Oakhurst is equipped with 12-hour/day medical services. In the event your child becomes ill, or is injured and needs medical attention we will make every effort to contract you as soon as possible.Please note that the student’s family insurance plan is the primary source of coverage for an accident occurring while the student is attending the program at Calvin Crest.

If there is an emergency at home and you need to visit or call your child, please notify Calvin Crest, at (559) 772-4040. We will do what we can to make the necessary arrangements to meet the needs of the situation.

What To Pack

The weather at Calvin Crest is often unpredictable, and nights and mornings are sometimes chilly. There is also occasional rain. Therefore, if possible, it is important that your child have sufficient warm clothing and good shoes.View the current weather readings here. View the packing lists for our summer programs below:

Camp Store Information

Gift items, t-shirts, sweatshirts, souvenirs, snacks, and beverages may be purchased in the Camp Store. For Sherwood Forest, Jr. High Camp, and High School camp all money is collected upon arrival and is placed on account in the store. Money that is not spent at the end of the week will be returned to the student. Please send your student with cash in an envelope or zip lock bag marked with the student’s name and amount. Checks will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Sending Mail/Care Packages to Your Students

All mail to student should be addressed as follows:

Student Name (i.e. Abby Smith, Oak Creek)

c/o Calvin Crest Conferences

45800 Calvin Crest Road

Oakhurst, CA. 93644

  • Please include your return address on every piece of mail, including post cards, so that the mail will be returned to sender if it does not arrive in time to be delivered to your student.
  • All care packages should be scheduled to arrive no later than the day before your student leaves camp.
  • For timely delivery we recommend sending care packages through UPS and FedEx.
  • Please note that because we are located in an isolated area most delivery companies do not guarantee overnight or second-day service even if you pay for it.
  • Please do not send any mail or packages that require a signature.
  • You can bring up letters and packages for your student and turn them in during Check-In.
  • They will be delivered through inter-camp mail.