Lessons from the "Range of Light"

An Unmatched Value.

We provide an outstanding learning experience at an affordable rate. These fees cover meals, lodging, program, supplies and equipment.

2020-20201 Prices

Day Use


per student

$60 (No Lunch)

Includes: 2 classes, 1 meal, and 1 free time.

Three Day A


per student

Includes: 3 classes, 6 meals, 2 free times, and 2 evening programs.

Three Day B


per student

Please contact for more information.

Four Day


per student

Includes: 4 classes, 9 meals, 2 free times, Loggers' Jamboree, and 3 evening programs.

Five Day


per student

Includes: 6 classes, 12 meals, 3 free times, Loggers' Jamboree, and 4 evening programs.