We Value:

We seek to impart a daily, lifelong faith, to make disciples who find their identity in Christ, their purpose in his kingdom and join Jesus in bringing heaven to earth. We aren’t hoping our guests will make a decision this year, we are hoping they will make many decisions.

Jesus’ ministry was personal and so is ours. The first thing we do after dinner is get to know your name. Our discipleship strategy isn’t big program, it’s becoming friends, role-models and mentors.

We want to point to Jesus Christ and our programming is designed to let our youth take center stage.

We are literally set apart. We are completely surrounded by the Sierra National Forest. There are no highways or tourists going through. When you step out of the car and smell the pines you enter a unique place where God has been revealing Himself and meeting people for more than 60 years. Away from the city and vestiges of man-made glory, immersed in the beauty of God’s creation, God is more evident. God makes his presence known here in a way many have testified they don’t experience elsewhere. Walk away from civilization and enter into God’s creation. Come and let God make his presence known to you.

Our grounds are a gift. They are a classroom waiting to point to their creator and tell His story. We follow Jesus’ lead as he pointed to a handful of seeds, the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. We use the composition of granite under our feet to teach how God forms us, the tree rings in a log round to show how God knows our stories and the root system of a giant sequoia grove to show how God made us to live in community growing together and supporting one another through the fires and storms life brings.