Calvin Crest's Covid-19 Response

At Calvin Crest, your safety is our number one priority. The following COVID-19 precautions are part of our comprehensive plan to mitigate the risk of possible exposure for our staff and guests. However, we ask all guests to acknowledge that participation in activities at Calvin Crest is voluntary. By entering our facilities and/or using equipment and activities, guests assume all risk associated with the possible exposure to or transmission of the COVID-19 virus and other illnesses. Guests on the property are asked to comply with all posted rules and requirements and staff directives; failure to do so may result in removal from the premises. The following information is designed to help you know what measures we are taking for your protection and what responsibilities you have as a guest.

For our Facilities and Staff:
  • Enhanced Cleaning: All staff and guest areas are regularly and extensively cleaned, including check in areas, tables, restroom facilities and retail space. Staff and guest recreation equipment is cleaned between uses.

  • Limited Capacity: We will be operating at a limited capacity with appropriate time between activities to facilitate social distancing and cleaning requirements.

  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing: Bathrooms are available for regular hand washing, and hand sanitizer is at multiple points throughout camp.

  • Staff Training: Staff have received training on COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

  • Staff Screening: Staff are asked not to report to work if they, or anyone they have come into contact with, are exhibiting signs of illness.

  • Staff Personal Protective Equipment: All staff are equipped with proper protective equipment including gloves, face coverings, and (where necessary for brief close encounters with guests) eye protection or workplace barriers.
For our Guests:
  • Please— STAY Home if you show any signs or symptoms of being sick.

  • Face Covering: Under current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, allowing unmasked members of the public into business establishments creates a health and safety risk. Moreover, COVID-19 is spread by persons who may be asymptomatic, and who possibly have no idea whether they carry the virus. As a result, guests are required to wear masks or other suitable face coverings under state and local ordinances mandating masks.

  • Social Distancing: Please maintain a 6-foot distance from others outside of your family group. Staff will help ensure appropriate distancing throughout your experience.

  • Health Screening: At check-in you will be asked to attest to a set of simple, health-related questions.

  • Temperature Check: At check-in a no-touch thermometer will be used. Those with 100.4 or higher temperature will be denied entry and a refund will be provided.