Middle School Camp at Calvin Crest is an exciting chance to get out of the house and come to the mountains for a week filled to the brim with activities! What better way to spend a week of your summer than meeting new friends, sliding down a ninety-foot water slide, playing wild games, and discovering what faith in Jesus Christ is all about? We know Middle School is a crazy time, and we want to give you the opportunity to be yourself, have some fun, and ask the tough questions about faith. Our staff will be waiting to hang out and have a great time, so get together some friends, and come join us!

Middle School Week 3

July 9 – 15

Middle School Week 4

July 16 – 22

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Church Discount


Early Bird Discount


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Church Group Discount


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Calvin Crest

  • Counselors $99

Sugar Pine

  • Adj. from 5 to 6 nights

Forest Home

  • Counselors $235


  • Adj. from 5 to 6 nights

Hume Lake

  • Counselors $235

(Church discount rates if published. Rate information gathered from published sources November, 2015. May reflect prior year pricing. Rates for 5 night programs prorated to 6 nights for apples to apples comparison.)

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