AIM (Assistants In Mission, High School Servant Leadership Program)

//AIM (Assistants In Mission, High School Servant Leadership Program)
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A.I.M. (Assistants In Mission) is designed for high school students who have already committed themselves to the road of discipleship with Jesus and desire to gain deeper insight into what it means to be an ambassador of the Kingdom of God. Through a unique and intense ministry approach, AIM will both encourage and challenge your faith, giving you space to take major steps in your relationship with Christ, while stretching you to discover your purpose within his redemptive work throughout all of creation.

Directed by a qualified and committed staff, AIMers will have the opportunity to be a part of a small community of other students and embark on a two week intensive discipleship course, committed to in-depth Bible study, work projects, intentional worship, special events, and fellowship with other students in a similar place within their faith.

Every AIM applicant must have a “sponsor” who will nurture and help you process your AIM experience when you return home. A sponsor can be your pastor, youth director, an elder from your church, or a close mentor who will agree to both encourage and challenge your life in faith through further spiritual direction. With a sponsor’s participation your AIM experience can last beyond the AIM session itself encouraging further growth in your discipleship and helping you to be more connected to your local church.

AIM begins Sunday June 24

AIM concludes on Saturday July 7

Base Price


For Accepted Applications
Received by March 31

Please DO NOT send payment with your application. A $125 Non-Refundable deposit will be due upon your acceptance to the program.

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