Ryan Foster
Ryan FosterCrestview First Aider
“This year I have been playing hockey in Southern California for the Long Beach Bombers, which has been an absolutely amazing experience getting to know people from all around the world working toward a common goal: winning a championship and getting a college scholarship. This summer I’ll be the Crest View First Aider! I’m a member of the Crest View team and I can’t wait to see new and familiar faces! I attended Aim and High School Camp and couldn’t wait to work on staff! I love everything about the summer at Calvin Crest but specifically I love seeing how others and myself grow closer to God. I’m extremely excited to be able to meet tons of new people and see everyone I’ve met in my previous 6 years up at Calvin Crest!”
Celeste Lambert
Celeste LambertAccommodations Assistant
“Summer at Calvin Crest is a magical time. I love getting to know people up at camp and spend a summer surrounded by other believers. Last summer I was a counselor for Week in the Forest as well as an AIMer, and will be an Accommodations Assistant this summer. I am currently a student at College of the Sequoias in Visalia majoring in Biochem. I have been a part of leadership in multiple clubs and I work as a lab assistant at my schools biology lab. I am very excited to join the Calvin Crest Summer Staff. I can’t wait to create new friends as well as nurture existing relationships!”
Hannah Clark
Hannah ClarkSherwood Store Clerk
“I am a sophomore at Biola University where I am studying Journalism and have spent the last year learning film photography and film developing at Biola University. I heard about Calvin Crest through my dad, who heard about it through David and Lucinda Chumley. This will be the first year I’ve worked at Calvin Crest! I will be a Store Clerk and Photographer/Videographer for Team Sherwood! I have never been to Calvin Crest, but I am excited to explore the beautiful site, meet new people, and learn what makes the relational ministry of Calvin Crest so great!”
Chad Okamoto
Chad OkamotoAIMPost Lead Counselor
“I have been filled to the brim with adventure in the past year! I spent last summer interning in Alaska, while this past fall I successfully started the first ever outdoors club at my college. For the spring, I studied abroad in Spain, Morocco and Israel. Besides traveling, I love to surf, hike, climb, and seek new thrills & challenges. I am a part of the AIM/Outpost team and I love that we get to walk alongside young people coming closer to Jesus. This will be my first time at Calvin Crest, and I am stoked for it!”
Emily Yonan
Emily YonanCrestview Lead Counselor
“This past year, I have enjoyed being on my university’s Lobby Team where we advocate on behalf of our student body to local and state legislators. Also, I have loved leading a junior high small group at a local church. Last year, I was a Crestview Lead Counselor. This summer, I am very excited to be returning to the same position. Being in that position means I get to hang out with family campers, junior highers and high schoolers! I am looking forward to leading hikes and Bible lessons, playing games, and just hanging out and getting to know all the different people that will come up. I love a summer at Calvin Crest because it is such a unique environment in which campers can come for a week and feel totally free to be themselves. As someone who grew up attending Calvin Crest, I can honestly say it has helped shape me into the person I am today, and to be able to give back in such a way as a Lead Counselor is an incredible privilege. It is somewhere I have met some of the most amazing people and always feel God’s love and presence in new ways each time. I cannot wait to meet new campers and see old ones, and see so many new relationships form and old ones grow stronger during the course of a week. I am looking forward to see the various ways in which God will be at work.”
Celeste Roberts
Celeste RobertsCrestview Lead Counselor
“This is my first year working at Calvin Crest! I attended camp here my 6th grade year, and fell in love with it. I cried when I had to leave! I am on the Crestview team as a Female Lead Counselor. I am excited to live in such a beautiful area for the summer. I am a first year marketing student at Cal Poly SLO. Camping is something that I am familiar with; I am involved in Camp Kesem, which is a nonprofit organization that provides a free camp for children whose parents have cancer. At Cal Poly, I am involved in the Christian club on campus as well as the American Marketing Association, where I am a photographer. There’s so much to look forward to, and these next few weeks leading up to camp are going to feel like forever! I can’t wait!”