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Year End Appeal 2017

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The early morning sunshine comes streaming through the branches of the cedar tree, making beautiful contrasting lines of light and dark shoot through the forest. As the wind lightly blows, the branches sway back and forth, sending the lines of light dancing on the soft needle-covered ground. The gentle breeze also carries the warm scent of the trees with it; cedar, pine and manzanita mixing with the smell of earth and grass and moisture. This is the beauty and blessing of the grounds at Calvin Crest.

Yet as the wind continues to blow, it passes a section of ground where the acrid scent of smoke stirs up into the mix. The streaming sunshine hits a patch of blackened ground, where fire has charred all the vegetation and the dirt is full of soot. And a group of once-proud pine trees stand bare and broken, devastated by infestation and fire. This is the opportunity and challenge of the grounds at Calvin Crest.

More than ever before, the beauty and blessing of Calvin Crest is hand-in-hand with difficulty and challenge. Our central camp grounds remain majestic and serene, but our outlying areas are devastated by fire. The ministry of our camps, conferences and outdoor school continue to impact both young and old with kingdom hospitality and the love of Jesus, but our guests and campers come from an increasingly broken culture and hurting families. Will you partner with us to continue the beautiful ministry of Calvin Crest in this time of challenge and opportunity?

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Winter Camp 2018 – Register Today!

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Camp Tuition – $120
Group Rate – $105

*Rates are per person and include lodging, 5 meals, and all activities. Rate for anyone attending without a Church Group providing cabin leaders also includes hired cabin leader provided by Calvin Crest. A $50 no-refundable deposit is included in tuition.


A Calvin Crest Winter Camp T-Shirt is FREE with registration! Please be sure campers and cabin leaders mark their desired T-shirt size on the registration form and return your registration forms at least three weeks before camp start date. T-shirts and desired t-shirt sizes are not guaranteed for registrations received within three weeks of camp start date.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made earlier than two weeks before the start of camp will be issued a refund for all but their $50 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations made within two weeks of the start of camp cannot be guaranteed a full refund. Please call our office with concerns.

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Reduced Rates for Guest Conferences

Guest Conferences Prices and Information

Occasionally, premium dates on our calendar will be available at a discounted rate. Available Dates for the Spring of 2018:

  • February 2 – 4
  • March 2 – 4
  • March 9 – 11
  • March 16 – 18

Call our office at (559) 683-4450 to book a retreat, or email us at

Lodging Options


  • Our hotel-style Cedar Lodge has 22 rooms with private baths. Depending on layout, rooms house between 3 and 5 people. Queen, double, twin and bunk bed combinations are available. Bed and bath linens are provided.


  • Mountain View has 12 cabins with 22 carpeted cabin-suites. Each suite has two bunk beds and a private bath. Doors between the suites can be opened to allow 8 people to room together. Our newest cabin is handicapped accessible and has two suites each with 8 beds. Guests provide their own bed and bath linens

Standard Rustic

  • Our West View housing area is the traditional rustic camp experience. There are 11 cabins, each with 8 bunks and a centrally located bathroom facility. Guests provide their own bed and bath linens.

Meeting Spaces

Cedar Lodge Fireside Room

  • Located on the first floor of Cedar Lodge, the Fireside Room can accommodate 62 in seminar style seating. This meeting space can also be set up using conference tables, round tables, or couches for a more relaxed atmosphere. This room features a 40 inch flat screen television and a large whiteboard. A sound system can be set up upon request. Adjoining the fireside Room is a kitchenette with a sink, refrigerator/freezer, and a coffee maker.

Mountain View Lounge

  • Mountain View Lounge can accommodate 102 in seminar style setting. This meeting space can also be set up using onferece tables, round tablesm or couches for a more relaxed atmosphere. Mountain View Lounge features a full sound system and a LCD projector.

The Pavilion

  • Located above the waterfront, this outdoor pavilion may be used for both dining and meeting.

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Anticipated Impacts: Railroad Fire and Calvin Crest Outdoor School

PDF of Anticipated Impacts

Giant Seqouia

The area where our classes went to see giant sequoias, The Shadow of the Giants, was an area of very intense fire. It is only open to forestry and firefighting personnel at this time, so we have not yet been out on the trail. It’s possible that some of the mature sequoias survived the blaze, but as we always taught students – sequoias are fire resistant, not fire-proof. We are making plans to adjust our curriculum to go down to the Sherwood Forest area of Calvin Crest, where we have young and mature sequoias as well as logging stumps for students to see and learn about. We will post that curriculum on our website soon.


We lost the replica Miwok Village in the fire. Much of the Miwok trail is in an active burn area and therefore we do not know exactly what it looks like, but we are working on re-structuring the Miwok class in light of these changes. The content of the Miwok class is certainly teachable without the village.

Rock Your World

The mass wasting area was not a part of the burn area, and we anticipate that that portion of the trail is intact. The fire did burn along the trail to Gethsemane Falls, but the waterfall itself is surrounded by green foliage. Once the fire has burned completely out, we believe that we can resume taking students out on this trail for class.


Due to tree mortality associated with bark beetles, we had already lost our orienteering course prior to the fire burning through the area. We hope to re-build an orienteering course elsewhere and resume the class soon.


The “Nitro Crossing” built initiative (the rope swing to the platform) was lost to the fire, but the “Incomplete Bridge” survived. There are no other known impacts to the class at this time.

Nature Trek:

The burned area includes the trail used for the chaparral habitat, but the rest of the trail is not in the burn area. As many teachers were already not utilizing the chaparral habitat for the sake of time, the impact to this class is minimal.


While we have not been out on the trail, it was not part of the burned area and we do not anticipate any changes, other than a hard look at the way we teach the fire building portion.

Free Time

Our archery range and rock wall are still standing and usable. The fire did burn through the area with the zipline, but we had already ceased using it due to one of the trees being hit by bark beetles. We will follow existing plans to build a zipline as soon as possible. Our lake is interestingly lower than usual due to firefighting efforts, but, similar to drought years, we can still use the paddle boats. Loggers’ Jamboree is unaffected.

Evening Program

There may be some changes to the trails we take for night hikes, but the content of the program will not change. The amphitheater where we sing outside when it is warm enough is intact.

New Class

We are excited to turn this fire into an opportunity to teach students about wildland fires, including prevention, suppression, and fuels management. When the fire cools we will have an excellent case study that includes areas of low-intensity and high-intensity burn. After fire season, we may have the opportunity to record first-hand accounts of this fire in particular. We will post this curriculum to the website soon. (Teachers, if you have ideas for this class, please feel free to get in touch with Christina as it is in-progress!)

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New Year’s Retreat 2018

Register online!

Theme: Faith, Hope, Love

“There are three things that remain—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” 1 Cor 13:13
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Speaker: Kelly M. Kunf

Kelly grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. She met Christ while in college through the organization Young Life and went on to become a Young Life leader. She spent 13 years serving as the lead youth pastor at a large church in Jupiter. During her tenure, the youth group experienced sudden and explosive growth. Kelly holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Palm Beach Atlantic University and an MATM and an MAICS degrees from Fuller in both Worship, Theology & the Arts as well as Contemporary Church Culture. She recently spent three years as a staff administrative pastor at New City Church in Downtown, Los Angeles. Kelly has a huge heart for those facing homelessness–particularly teens–and is currently serving as a Chaplain for the Union Rescue Mission located on Skid Row in Downtown LA. She is engaging, fun, relational, and creative. You will have a great time getting to know her!

Age Requirements:

Retreat for high school graduates through 28 years of age.

Event Dates: December 30, 2017 – January 1, 2018

Registration Opens: Thursday, November 9, 2017
Registration Closes: Friday, December 29, 2017


Event Cost through December 15: $99
Event Cost after December 15: $115

*Rates are per person and include lodging, 5 meals, and all activities. A $30 no-refundable deposit is included in tuition.

Cancellation Policy: